August 09 2016

July 14 2016

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This international workshop on complex networks (CompleNet) aims at
bringing together researchers and practitioners working on areas related
to complex networks. In the past two decades we have been witnessing an
exponential increase on the number of publications in this field. From
biological systems to computer science, from economic to social systems,
complex networks are becoming pervasive in many fields of science. It
is this interdisciplinary nature of complex networks that CompleNet aims
at addressing.
Workshops are scheduled around the world on an yearly basis. The first
edition of the workshop took place in May 2009 in Catania, Italy; the
2nd took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; the 3rd in Melbourne, Florida,
USA; 4th in Berlin, Germany; the 5th in Bologna, Italy; the 6th in New
York City, USA. This year the conference will take place in Dijon,