Parapully Apt#


Parapully Apt#
Puthan Vettuvazhi Rd, Kunduvara, Thrissur, Kerala 680005

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Parappilly Builders, the number one constructors in Thrissur town have a rich legacy to boast of. Parappilly family, promoters of Parappilly Builders, is one of the important Christian families in Thrissur.
Sakthan Thampuran (Maharajah of Cochin)’s decision to shift his residence to Thrissur was a landmark in the history of this town. He envisioned a modern Thrissur and brought many Syrian Christian families to start trade and business. Parappilly family, hailing from Arimbur was specially given the task of shaping the modern Trichur. Antony Parappilly was the mastermind in this great endeavour.
Fulfilling the vision of the great ruler, Parappilly family engaged in the upliftment of Trichur through their masterplans and timely execution of even the most difficult projects. The saga of success has been continuing for more than a hundred and thirty years through six generations. Parappilly family moves on with its vocation with commitment, now under the leadership of Raju Davis Parappilly.
Antony and his son Kunjuvarunny, forefathers of Parappilly Builders were the trusted builders of Cochin Dynasty. The structures of old fish market and the Havelock Market in front of Corporation office, Thrissur are examples of their vision and mastery in the field of construction. Later the renovation of Havelock Market was assigned to a younger generation.
Many of the landmarks in Thrissur bear testimony to the efficiency and expertise of Parappilly family in the field of construction. One of the evident examples of their vision of a community living is the ‘Parappilly Angadi’ (Now known as Brother’s Lane) behind the Basilica (Puthen Palli). Parappilly angadi, in one way or other is the first ‘angadi’- a common site in almost all the major Christian centres in Trichur.
Parappilly Devassy Kutty, of the third generation of Parappilly family, masterminded the construction of this ‘angadi’, a thickly but comfortably populated dwelling lane. Then onwards Parappilly builders started focusing on the construction of dwelling areas rather than the public as well as other commercial projects done before.
The fourth generation of Parappilly Builders is still remembered as the master builders of Thrissur town with projects like Thrissur Municipal Bus Stand, the Thrissur Museum Central Block and many others. P D Varunny led the fourth generation and Parappilly Builders was the best among a very few A Class Contractors in PWD as well as in Municipality works.