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Diamond Fort Caters
Ollur, Thrissur, Kerala 680306

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Diamonds Fort caterers have good management with administrative system.
Every order is a challenge for us and Diamonds fort caterers consider
the function as ours. We approach the function systematically with
different departments and make the party most memorable for the guest.
We have many clients, well wishers, executives many more in the field.
Each furnished party is the stream of our next thousands of order.
Diamonds Fort caterers make new tastes in the
market and our way is dynamic. Maximum customer satisfaction is our
motto. We make the host free minded. If one party we taken, the host is
satisfied, that is our definition.
Diamonds fort caterers give total security to
the function by hygienic food and services. Our kitchen is one of the
largest one in the market that you cannot see any where in this
industry. We invite any body to come and see our kitchen, stores, staff
quarters, offices, bio gas plant, water treatment system, linen room,
cutlery crockery yard and many more. Diamonds fort caterers have its own
self transport to deliver food any where as you wish in this state.
Diamonds fort caterers are doing all kind of
parties. Our maximum production restricted for a day is only 20,000
peoples. Diamonds fort caterers called in the market as ‘DFC’. Diamonds
fort caterers are ready to come at anytime if you are willing to plan a
party. Our executives will assist you to develop for a good menu with
your budget.
Once you placed an order, you are totally free.
Diamonds fort caterers staff stand for host. If the party runs our
satisfaction reach the zenith. That is all we expected and you will say
really it is diamonds fort caterers.
Our clients say diamonds fort caterers have
magic hand; we need short hours to make an area convert as dream land.
If we have one function DFC begins to see dreams and the function fly
with the wings of our standards. Then our artists, executives, chef and
whole staff executed the function as a presentation. After each function
we can see the host standing with pride. It makes others envy.


  • http://www.diamondsfortcaters.com
  • Food preparation
  • Provision of all party staff including waiters
  • chefs and bartenders
  • Party planning