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Sri K Bhima Bhattar pioneered the concept of readymade Jewellery in Kerala with the establishment of Bhima & Brother Jewellers Alappuzha in the year 1925. Since its commencement the allegiance towards customer revealed its success and growth. Now the group has 22 branches across South India and a few to come soon. All the branches are now managing by the sons of the founder – Bhima Bhattar. The Bhima Group has had a track record of sustained growth which has been made possible because of the group's allegiance to quality and personalized service. The group enjoys a tremendous goodwill, thanks to its practices which have the customer as its first priority.

To sustain the position of a leader in the competitive market, bhima never give up its values and policies. They give prime importance to quality, design and customer satisfaction. They ensure their product's quality and design which is the best in the market and
provide it with most satisfactory manner. There is not a mere buying and selling existing but a good relationship is maintaining for the long future.
Sri. Lakshmikanthan the youngest son heads the operation of the founding concern at Alappuzha and that of Kollam and Thrissur. He commenced his venture at Kollam on July 12th 2000. On 18th November 2005, he commenced his third exclusive showroom at land of temples, Thrissur. His vision and experience enrich with the innovative ideas of his sons made these branches to take a lead position among the other branches.


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